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We aspire to substantially contribute to – in fact, catalyze – the pace of digital healthcare transformation through advanced data analytics, actionable patient insights, and clinical guidance founded on evidence-based, system-defined practices and unconstrained by information technology.

IT Solutions for the Healthcare Delivery System

We provide the technology platform and rules engine, as well as a modular application stack, to stakeholders who are well-positioned to help us effect rapid and meaningful change in how healthcare is delivered, primarily in emerging international markets.


Health systems, community health centers, ambulatory clinics, and non-governmental organizations


Government-funded health agencies, private insurance companies, and public-private partnerships


IT system aggregators, business and IT consultants, and value-added resellers


Public health initiatives and clinical trials

The global population health management market is driven by increase in usage of health care IT solutions and technologies. Asia Pacific is growing at a rapid pace. Developed countries such as Australia and Japan are the major markets for population health management‚ĶLatin America and Middle East & Africa is at a nascent stage and is expected to witness strong growth…

Transparency Market Research

Unlocking Insights to Improve Care


  • The Ravisant Platform
  • Clinical rules engine
  • Care management applications
  • Workflow automation tools
  • Analytics and reporting


  • Needs assessment
  • Data mapping & integration
  • Protocol customization
  • Business process automation
  • Cloud hosting

We Think We’re A Little Different, Here’s Why


Emerging markets, versus those that are established or mature


A System of Insights, rather than a System of Record


Lightweight, accessible, cost-effective, not monolithic, complex, and expensive

We’ve been in the population health IT industry from the beginning. That experience has enabled us to develop the “lightest” technology platform and clinical application stack, which can be flexibly configured and deployed in any setting to support care improvement initiatives.

Get to Know Us

“Ravi,” French for “to be delighted. “Sant,” alluding to the word “sante,” or “health.” We launched Ravisant to accelerate the pace of digital transformation in emerging markets.

Our population health software and services advance the quality of care through the application of evidence-based rules to clinical data and locally defined practice protocols. Ravisant solutions are accessible to providers, payers, and sponsors of care through a technology platform and a series of SaaS-based applications, which are lightweight and easy-to-implement, as well as cost-effective. They deliver actionable patient insights that support better clinical decisions and outcome-based health interventions. Ravisant, the new operating system of healthcare (“hOS”).

Want to learn more? inquiries@ravisanthealth.com

Our Leadership Team

We’re led by a seasoned group of healthcare technologists and strategists who are deeply passionate about improving the clinical and financial outcomes of providers and payers, as well as the patients they serve.

Jaime Saavedra, Chairman & CEO

Jaime is our chairman of the board and chief executive officer. He has spent nearly two decades developing software solutions for healthcare providers, integrated delivery systems, payers, as well as leading consultancies and system aggregators. Over the last five years, Jaime has directed much of his focus to those international markets where digital transformation is rapidly shifting care delivery models and clinical practices.

Jay Ward, President & COO

Jay is the president and chief operating officer of Ravisant. He brings nearly 25 years of experience in the business of software with a special passion for growing early-stage companies. Starting his career as a software engineer, Jay transitioned to the business side about 15 years ago when he launched his first company. More recently, Jay oversaw the technology function and development teams inside of a market-leading population health IT company.

Matthew Wilson, CTO

Matthew serves as the chief technology officer of Ravisant. He brings more than 16 years of experience and recognized accomplishment in healthcare information technology and technical leadership in areas spanning healthcare systems integration, interoperability, implementations, security, and architecture. Most recently, Matthew led projects advancing population health, analytics, and point-of-care solutions delivered on-premise or in the cloud.

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